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Cooking: From Burden to Bae

Cooking: From Burden to Bae

I started cooking just because I had to.
Being the first born to working parents, I had to cross the threshold of kitchen at a very young age so that I could atleast feed myself & my brother (who is 9yrs younger to me) when my parents were at work.

After my father’s demise I started helping Maa more in the kitchen. My brother was ‘exempted’ from kitchen work, perhaps because he’s the younger one.

The legacy continued for years & I was ready to conquer the kitchen all by myself. Yet Maa would do the morning work and I was supposed to the night duty.
Even then I never enjoyed cooking.

Things were quite smooth until I got a 10-6 job. After a hectic day at work and then an hour of ‘dhakka mukki & latakna’ in bus, I would be dead tired by the time I was home.
Even the sight of the kitchen would make me sick. Often we would skip dinners, order food from outside, or even settle for fruits or eggs leaving the tummies to wake up at midnight.
But for how long??

So, I picked 4 of the things I like doing-
4. Letting people know that I am doing 1 2 3

Instead of eating out too often, I started cooking at home, the things that I would like to eat out. As I always fell short of ingredients and equipments, I started customizing and experimenting with whatever I had which eventually resulted in many simple & quick recipes. Once that was done, some time & effort was given on presentation. Few clicks, some retouching and it was ready to be posted in Guwahati Foodie. Why Guwahati Foodie? Because being the first of its kind & also the largest one in the entire Northeast, it has given me that platform to share my culinary ‘junk’ among all of you including all the pros.
Once it was posted, the appreciation from all the members of the group gave that final kick that was required. And that was it…..

So, now I make sure that I cook something interesting very often, and everytime I do it I post here. And it’s totally worth it..!!
Now, the sight of kitchen excites me..

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