Diary of an Average Writer

All’s Well That Ends Well

All’s Well That Ends Well

With great difficulty I boarded an already packed bus. It was soooo crowded that I had to stand on the foot steps near the door. As I didn’t want to fall down, I made a headway & somehow reached the centre of the bus.

Trust me, it was like sailing against the winds. 

Alas! I was still not in smooth water as I was now being squeezed by the crowd from all around. The windows were closed. I was gasping for air.
After half & hour of surviving in that dystopia, I finally got a seat & that too a window seat!
I jumped on it, slid open the window, breathed in the air. Oh Yeah! My senses started to work again and I could hear the song in the bus-
Tum jo mil gaye ho…
Toh ye lagtaa hai,
Ki Jahaan mil gaya…!!!

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