Diary of an Average Writer



As it was a saturday with no plans, I reached home early with a hungry tummy.

I stepped in the kitchen and started rummaging everything. After the quest what I found was a leftover chapati and a samosa which my brother brought sometime back.

There was no sabzi to eat with the Roti and I was really not in a mood to have a samosa. Just then dimag ki batti jali and the culinary ghost in me woke up to make Roti Pizza..!!!


– Roti

– Pizza Sauce/ Tomato Ketchup

– Chopped Onions/ Spring Onions

– Chopped Tomatoes

– Sweet Corn Kernels

– Samosa (This is totally optional. I used it just because I had it)

– Cheese

– Chili Flakes

– Oregano


Place the roti on a plate. Apply some pizza sauce or tomato ketchup on one entire side of the roti.

Scoop out the filling from the samosa and apply it over the roti. As mentioned earlier, your roti pizza will be perfect even without this step. I had the samosa hence I used it.

Start topping the roti with the chopped veggies. When you are done the veggies, top it with cheese.

If you are making it in a tawa, heat it and keep it on extremely low flame. Place the roti on the tawa and cover it with a lid and keep it like that the cheese melts.

And that’s how you make a roti pizza..!!!

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